Daddy’s Shoes Choice

My Super Daddy Series

Nino wants to have the newest sport shoes which are expensive. His father’s money is not enough to buy those shoes. Nino gets cranky all day until his father takes him to the shoe store to try out the shoes. Nino is willing not to have his pocket money in order to help his father to buy the shoes, but even that is not enough. Nino feels that his father does not really love him because he does not buy Nino the shoes right away. Until one day, Nino finds out about a bank book with his name and Nino’s name on it. From that moment on, Nino feels proud of his father because he really cares about Nino’s future. ....

Daddy’s Fountain of Pigtails

My Super Daddy Series

Dinda would love to be close to her father. Her father is soldier, he is seldom at home, and has a scary thick moustache. Dindais envious of herbrother who is close to their father. Dinda thinks that her father loves her brother more than he loves her because they have the same gender.Unexpectedly, her father can also do what her mother usually does to her hair, that is to make ponytails. What is more surprising is her father is willing to accompany her taking a stroll. Dinda is very happy because she can do many fun things with her father that day. ....

Daddy’s Lampshade

My Super Daddy Series

Toni was so glad that Daddy allowed him to work with. However, Daddy’s work was not as he imagined. Toni should help lift the garbage, put the garbage into the cart, and take it to the processing site. He was tired of waiting for Dad too long. However, Dad did not complain at all even eager to prepare used bottles for lampshades. Toni was ashamed and proud of his daddy. Daddy was able to work hard for the needs of the family and change the used things to be useful ....

Mommy’s Love Cards

My Super Mommy Series

Talia was upset that Mommy seemed to be busy with the office every day. Talia thought that Mommy didn’t care about her needs. One day, Talia just realized that Mommy always gives much special attention for her. Mommy also took the time to make love cards to support Talia when she was happy or sad. From that moment on, Talia promised to appreciate Mommy’s role more and love her wholeheartedly. ....

Mommy’s and My Special Brother

My Super Mommy Series

Doni is my special brother. Mommy always accompanies and helps him anytime. It makes Mommy just spends little time for me. Mommy thinks I can do my own thing by myself. I’m annoyed because I think Mother loves Doni more than me. However, it turned out wrong. During this time Mommy tried to give the best tough many difficulties came out. Mommy is so great. She is able to do many special things for his children. ....

Mommy’s Unique Party

My Super Mommy Series

Tiwi wanted her favorite gift, but Mommy took her to buy lots of books and visit friends of the community of reading. Tiwi didn’t like to read books for fear of being mocked so nerdy. However, Tiwi was surprised to find many different things about the book. Even Mommy prepared a unique party to celebrate her birthday in the community of reading. Tiwi was very touched and proud that Mommy has prepared something special and useful for all the children in the party. ....

A Present for Aruna

I Love My Brother & Sister Series

Everyone looks happy. Aruna will have a birthday party in the afternoon. Nara has a plan to buy a gift/present for Aruna. However, The money is not enough to buy something. Then mother said it is already afternoon, unfortunately Nara still dont get a chance to have a gift/present for Aruna his sister. Nara has a chance to wrap a surprise gift/present for Aruna. Aruna feels disapointed because she found that the gift/present is the one that she had gaiven to his brother before. Luckily, Father told Aruna that Nara has something to give by creating himself. Nara has an idea to make a special gift/present. Finnaly, Nara make a special gift/present for Aruna. Aruna feels very happy. Every character shows a good value for the readers. It is well written. ....

Be Careful, Berto!

I Love My Brother & Sister Series

Nina has a guest. His name is Berto and Berto is younger than Nina. Nina ask for Berto to play together but Berto don’t play well. Suddenly, Berto break her book. The book is broken. Berto try to apologize. As a result, Nina ask Berto to play alone. Berto feel bored then he decide to play bicycle. Nina warn him that this bicycle is too big for him. It is better if she accompanied him. But Berto is selfish. Then, he fell down. Finnaly, Nina help him and ask for Berto to play together. They ride bicycle by passing the ricefield to the the dirt road arround the house. They play it happily. ....

The Twins and Babon

I Love My Brother & Sister Series

Babon, Doni’s and Andi’s favorite chicken, will lay eggs. Doni and Andi will make cages for Babon. However, while they keep busy fighting, Babon disappears! What’s the use of the cage if Babon disappears?

The Story of Giant Kebo Iwo

Folktales Series

A giant named Kebo Iwo needs a lot of food for his meals. He will be so angry when he is hungry but nobody gives him food. On the other hand, he becomes kind-hearted and helpful when his stomach is full. One day, he is helping the villagers to dig a deep well. Accidently, Kebo Iwo gets buried in the well as the heavy rain falls down for several days. Soon, the area near the well becomes a lake named Batur Lake. ....