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Company Profile

On January 26, 1922 in Yogyakarta, a printing press named Canisius Drukkerij, which was later known as the Kanisius-Publishing Publisher, was built. Along with the Kanisius School under the auspices of the Kanisius Foundation, Kanisius-Publishing Publisher also takes a part in educating the nation through the works of publishing and printing. In the beginning, Kanisius-Publishing Publisher provides textbooks for state school and Catholic Church prayer books.

In addition, Kanisius-Publishing Publishers was trusted to print Oeang Repoeblik Indonesia (ORI) in the period of post-independence. It is recorded in the history that Kanisius became the first offset printing press in Indonesia and had become a learning place for many people in the early days of independence.

In January 2014, in the age of 92 years, PT KANISIUS was born with a new branding that was about to replace the “vulnerability” of Kanisius-Printing Publishers. Various actions to get a label of a trusted company has been carried out by PT KANISIUS since its inception, such as gradually developing the application of ISO 9001: 2008 throughout the Company’s governance, maintaining the ecosystem in the Company’s environment and managing the production process according to the company’s requirements, explaining the variety of issues published responsibly, and providing transparent services in win-win relationships with customers. These actions are still being developed continuously until the Company’s productivity and professionalism can be consistently felt by customers.


Being the first professional company choice through the publishing, printing, and trading products in creating a nationalist and dignified society.


  1. Getting involved in Church works and community education.
  2. Prioritizing the customer satisfaction by providing published products, printed products, ecclesiastical and educational equipment, which has quality and complete.
  3. Strengthening and increasing the number of customers by building a Communication Park and synergizing with strategic partners.
  4. Achieving growth and profitability through increasing sales and controlling costs.
  5. Increasing the productivity of employees with a professional HR management system.
  6. Utilizing the right technology to optimize business operations and create innovative products.