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Daddy’s Fountain of Pigtails

Sinopsis and Selling Point

Dinda would love to be close to her father. Her father is soldier, he is seldom at home, and has a scary thick moustache. Dindais envious of herbrother who is close to their father. Dinda thinks that her father loves her brother more than he loves her because they have the same gender.Unexpectedly, her father can also do what her mother usually does to her hair, that is to make ponytails. What is more surprising is her father is willing to accompany her taking a stroll. Dinda is very happy because she can do many fun things with her father that day.

About The Author

Barbara Eni was born in Sidoarjo, East Java. She has liked writing since she was still an elementary school student. Her writing is published in some national magazines. Her ideas come from her observation on her students when she was a teacher of an elementary school for 22 years. At present, she is a tutor for techer’s education in Universitas Terbuka and she keeps on writing chilren’s stories. She keeps on spreading her her passion in writing children’s books to teachers because of her love to children’s world that is full of imagination.

About The Illustrator

Hanny Juwita was born in Jakarta on June 1991. Until now Jakarta becomes his place to do activities. For the coffee and chocolate lovers, painting and playing are hobbies that cannot be left from she was a child. This made her become a designer and at the same time an illustrator. It is living and working appropriate with her Passion is her motto for this alumni of Tarumanagara University. She expects that she could continuously develop in work and give positive contribution to the kids.

Page : 24
Size : 21×21 cm
No.ISBN : 978-979-21-5373-6
Status : Available