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Wow! Build an ark! That is the Lord’s command to Noah. Looks like it is impossible to make a very huge ark where elephant and giraffe can fit in it. But will you stop to obey the Lord just because it seems impossible? Behind the hardest thing you face in your live, always hid a beautiful present for you in the future.

About The Author

These series are retold by the team of Kanisius’ editors. Having sufficient experiences in editing various manuscripts and evaluating various illustration styles, they decided to retell the story and constructed these picture books of some characters in the Bible in an interesting manner that hopefully will attract the children’s and teenagers’ curiosity in perceiving some characters in the Bible better.

About The Illustrator

Endah Pamulatsih, often called Endy, was born on October 19, 1990. Graduated on November 26, 2013, she majored Visual Communication Design from Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta. She

Page : 32
Size : 20,5×26 cm
Status : Available