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Father Rahardi

Sinopsis and Selling Point Albertus Rahadi is a Javanese man cherished by his family for dedicating his life to priesthood. His family is overjoyed when he tells them he wants to join the seminary. For a devout Catholic family, having… Read More »Father Rahardi

Virgins of Mendut

Sinopsis and Selling Point Mendut is a small village at Elo riverbank, Magelang, Central Java. It is remarkable place for those who know the history, learn from it, and enjoy its fruits. In 1908, there was a great Catholic dormitory… Read More »Virgins of Mendut


Dewfall is a story about a prince, named Dewabrata, who made a journey to find the magical flower utpala or the blue lotus, which can cure all hatred and bring back love to humanity. In his journey he met a… Read More »Dewfall

Dancing in the Storm

This novel is very smart and elegant. At the first glance when reading, people will fall for the assumption that this is a romance novel, with an ordinary perspective, love triangle. This is seen in the initial chapters where Glen… Read More »Dancing in the Storm